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The aim of the school is to impart integrated and comprehensive education, which is formative and not merely informative. It lays emphasis on holistic development of the student’s character and personality which should normally lead him/her to self-awakening and fulfillment. It aims at building leaders who are dedicated to the service of the nation and humanity.

It endeavors to guide and shape natural talents so that a student is able to:

  • Absorb and live by the eternal and universal values of life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers and rooted in India’s spiritual heritage, culture and tradition.
  • Develop a scientific outlook and an attitude for excellence and learning throughout life.
  • Keep abreast of time without giving in to unreasoned temptation to change or forsaking the proven values of life.


  • To provide the best environment, opportunities and infrastructure to students and teachers in pursuit of excellence in scholastic and co-scholastic spheres.
  • To strive for highest standards in human values, engaging in inclusivity and global outlook, social responsibility and service to the nation through school programmes and activities.
  • Engage all stakeholders, including parents and the community in a proactive association to uphold Indian heritage and culture, celebrate diversity, promote harmony and tolerance and green practices on the school campus.
  • To facilitate learning in emerging fields of knowledge in a student friendly, nurturing and safe environment. To allow space for healthy competition, flow of new ideas, intellectual pursuits and creativity.