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Mrs. Lata Vaidyanathan


History is testimony to the fact that new beginnings usher in fresh challenges as well as rewards us with new energies, new blood being pumped into the system, fresh thoughts and eventually that’s how a paradigm shift is being envisaged. Change forces you to court trials, demands hard work, perseverance and above all, a firm faith in the belief, “Yes, we can.” At our core, we inspire our children to respect, reflect and tirelessly seek excellence.

The progress of any nation is directly and proportionately linked to the nation’s progress in education. A sound education enables independent thinking and critical reasoning, is essentially joyful and carried out in a burden-free environment. I firmly believe that each child is unique and the education that we provide should nurture, facilitate and celebrate that individuality and uniqueness. Performing arts, sports, cultural activities are all mediums through which we can adopt, practice and implement the multiple intelligence approach towards learning and ensure that learning is oriented towards insight building and problem solving.

At Gyan Bharati, we aim to build leaders who are committed to the service of the nation and humanity. We seek to equip the future stakeholders to strive for the highest standards in human values and develop an attitude for perfection. Our vision, bolstered by our strong parent and teacher community, is to predict the future by creating it in our classrooms.